Tuesday, November 4, 2008


Such a nice weekend=)
It's my absolute favorite weather. Halloween went so well! I spent the 30th at my best friend's house and partied until 4 in the mornin'... Hey, I figure it's only once a year, so I like to soak it up. It was SUCH a good night (work the next day= not so much fun)! We even got a surprise visit from my super good friend Sarah Ox! LOVE HER. She made my night because I never get to see her anymore... Definitely a good time=)
dance dance SM


Halloween night I actually took my baby brother Carter out to get some yum yum. Trick-or-Treat.
carter boo

I had a Sociology test today and totally scored an 88%, sawweeett! I'm so ready for the week to come: Def good times ahead=) Okay... night night...

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